Join us for Episode #414 of the VTRS – featuring Jagged Edge

Join Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker on a special edition of The Vincent Tucker Radio Show as he’s holding it down on what he calls “his solo creep”.

As the crew is away, Vincent will keep you up to the date with the latest and greatest in news, sports, politics, music & entertainment!

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, we’re replaying our recent interview with Brian Casey of the Grammy-nominated r&B group Jagged Edge! Jagged Edge is the first featured music act for the new season of “Unsung” on TV one. Their new album Layover is due out next week!

Click Here for air times around the country and/or to hear us on Demand! Don’t forget to tweet us using the #VTRS hashtag.

Syndicated & Award-Winning… It’s The VTRS!

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