[VIDEO] This is the VTRS! Promo

This is The VTRS! The new home for Black Star Power! You can now keep up with the latest from VTRS on-demand, 24/7! Log on to VTRSONLINE.COM! You can download the VTRS app via Google Play and iTunes…app is updated weekly…rate us and comment!

  • Produced by TheUrbanAdvocate.com
  • VTRS Promo Video
  • Location: Fishbowl Radio Network (Arlington, Texas)
  • Date Recorded: February 27, 2016
  • Videography: Remon Johnson

2016 ©CWC Entertainment Group, LLC / TheUrbanAdvocate.com

[VIDEO] Hilarious New VTRS Commercial featuring Emmy-nominated Journalist Amanda Fitzpatrick

Amanda Fitzpatrick (Award-Winning Journalist & recognized by D Magazine as one of the top 10 Beautiful Women In Dallas) stops by the VTRS and leaves Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker without words!

  • TheUrbanAdvocate.com Exclusive!
  • Starring: Amanda Fitzpatrick, Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker, Yellostar & Remon
  • Location: Fishbowl Radio Network – Arlington, Texas
  • Date Recorded: November 8, 2014
  • Videography: Remon Johnson

2014 © TheUrbanAdvocate.com / CWC Entertainment Group LLC

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