This Weekend On The VTRS: Episode #459 featuring Gabrielle Union | “Breaking In”

Tune in to listen to the syndicated, award-winning & critically-acclaimed broadcast known professionally around the world as The Vincent Tucker Radio Show.

Join Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker, Myskenna, Yellostar, Remon & Charity E! as they cover the latest and greatest in news, sports, politics, music & entertainment while interviewing celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters in the world today.

Our Guest This Episode: Actress Gabrielle Union, star of “Breaking In” (In Theaters Now)

Click Here for air times around the country and/or to hear us on Demand! Don’t forget to tweet us using the #VTRS hashtag.

Syndicated & Award-Winning… It’s The VTRS!


The Vincent Tucker Radio Show Officially Joins iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio, the all-in-one streaming music and live digital radio service from iHeartMedia, is a new syndication partner for “The Vincent Tucker Radio Show” (VTRS).

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