This Weekend On The VTRS: Episode #495 feat. DaniLeigh | “Trump’s Hamberders”

Tune in to listen to the syndicated, award-winning & critically-acclaimed broadcast known professionally around the world as The Vincent Tucker Radio Show.

Join Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker as he keeps you up to the date with the latest and greatest in news, music & entertainment and more!

R&B singer DaniLeigh joins the program as she gears up to hit the road in her first headlining tour.

Also on this episode:
*Trump Served The Clemson Football Team Exactly What He Thought They Deserved
*R. Kelly & His Lawyer Say Aaliyah Lied About Her Age When They Got Married

And much more…

Click Here for air times around the country and/or to hear us on Demand! Don’t forget to tweet us using the #VTRS hashtag.

Syndicated & Award-Winning… It’s The VTRS!

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